One link leads to another, leads to another . . .

Checked in on Facebook this morning, caught up with the happenings of friends and family, then clicked on the list (I love this handy new feature) I created titled Pages I Like.  Scrolling down, I saw Where Women Create posted about the Sewing Summit going on this weekend in Salt Lake City.


Followed a link there to read a post by Rachel Hauser at Stitched in Color where I followed a link to Marmalade Fabrics. Purusing page after page by selecting Fabric By Designer, my interest was piqued by a Tammis Keefe tribute print.

So I did a search to learn more about her, and ended up at Fuzzy Lizzie Vintage Clothing, where I read about Keefe, as well as Vera Neumann, Anne Fogarty and others.

Wonderful inspiration for female designers and fun, too, for those of us who enjoy vintage fabrics not only for collecting, but also for repurposing.  There are many examples on Etsy showcasing vintage hankies and tea towels.

Here are a couple of my favorites (I think Nanny would’ve really liked the blue bird one, especially since her birthday was in September):




Do you have special vintage fabric pieces? What are your favorites to collect? How have you repurposed them?


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