It’s Finished! Let the Bidding Begin!!

So excited to finally be able to post pix of the jazzy quilt The Bee is donating to Bell Family Shelter for their upcoming Jazz & Jeans fundraising event.

With about a dozen people lending their hands to the project, we stitched and snipped, talked and laughed (and even sang), and knotted and knotted to bring forth a colourful queen-sized comforter based on an original design, using primarily donated, repurposed fabric.

Come out to the event (get tickets HERE) if you can and place a bid to show a little comfort to homeless families getting the support and emergency services they need to get back on their feet.

It was nice to see experienced quilters and sewists sitting side by side with crafters, crocheters, and folks who’d barely held needle and thread in hand come together for the project.

Thanks to Ann, Janel, Averie, Pat, Chrissy, Pat, Marie, Audrey, Kossi, Paula, and Kevin for sharing your time.


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