Sew Day

Four inches. Eight inches. Twelve inches.  Typically, a post here that begins like this would be about measuring fabric, right? But today, here in south central Pennsylvania,  I’m referring to Snow. Snow. Snow!

Which is to be expected in mid February in Pennsylvania, of course. And to a homegrown PA girl like me, this winter finally feels like winter again. This is how I remember the winters of my childhood.  So even though I have to give up vacation days and keep my nose closer to the grindstone at the day job to make up for time off, I have LOVED these snow days!

Last week, the man of the house was away at a conference and I spent a couple days indoors  – other than shoveling – left to my own devises, resulting in a freshly-cleaned and organized sewing room. (Hallelujah! It was WAY past time.)   Then today, feeling industrious, I got in there and got busy.

cutting and piecing coming together pins

This feels like winter to me, too. plaid patch detail


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