You know how we’re always telling you how cute something can be when it’s made using thrifted textiles, right? Well, here’s another awesome example.

Our own Gina Sullivan aka Stitchy Maven is known far and wide for her custom novelty print dresses and skirts. You may have attended one of her classes at The Bee to make a simple skirt, easy PJ pants, or a full skirt with zip (and pockets, of course).

Check out this super cute dress she whipped up this spring using a crisp sheet she picked up at the local Salvation Army thrift store for a mere $2!

Adorable, right?

And using materials like this is also an nice way to practice your skills and eliminating the pressure of cutting into high-priced designer fabric for your first go. Thrifted sheets are also good for quilts backs or for layering inside a quilt (in lieu of batting) when you want a lighter finished item, or the top is made of denim or upholstery fabric and lots of fluff inside isn’t needed.

Now let’s see pix of apparel or other items YOU made using vintage sheets.

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