At The Bee, we strive to:

– provide a welcome gathering space for people from varied backgrounds to learn, share, create and discover together,

– enliven an active interest in traditional home arts and creative repurposing in our community,

– offer opportunities for people to increase their earning potential,

– initiate and nurture ongoing collaborative efforts between local manufacturers, creatives, downtown promoters and merchants

what makes The Bee special

Our “gathering with a purpose” tagline means we not only offer opportunities for people to get together to learn how to sew and craft; we’re making a conscious effort to help people discover and celebrate their own self worth and embrace the power of coming together for a common cause.

who can come to The Bee

New-bees, intermediate and advanced sewists, quilters, crafters, knitters, DIY divas and more find kinship in the hive.  Participants can learn skills and/or share existing talents, gaining experience at their own pace thanks to a growing cadre of patient mentors. We learn from one another.

Join us on a casual basis, sign up for a class or two, or consider becoming part of the collective. We are currently a small group of sewists and crafters, meeting the third Wednesday of each month at our Buzz Ins, and other times for special activities and classes. If you have an interest in creating and/or learning with us, we’d love to have you.

where can you buy Items created by our producers?

Check out goods to buy page here on our website to see a list of local merchants who carry our product, as well as our Etsy page. (The Etsy page is a little sparse, still, but we’ll be adding to it, so please check back.)


If you can see yourself, your group, organization or business being part of this endeavor, please contact us.  We welcome your thoughts and ideas and an opportunity for dialogue. Please feel free to also share the buzz with others you think may be interested in helping us “bring on the bee.”

Learn more by browsing this site, subscribing to our blog (see Recent Posts) and following The Bee.gathering with purpose on Facebook and Twitter (#bringonthebee).   We’ve got some boards on Pinterest, too, to help inspire creative repurposing. Want to get involved, please contact us .

Our “Wish List.”

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