“Beautiful.”  “So clever.”  “I’m going to love carrying this to class.”  These responses to our yoga mat bags warm our heart chakras.

assorted bags

Each Madhu Yoga Mat Bag from The Bee is handmade using secondhand materials –sourced through donations, thrift stores, closets, and clothing swaps — making every bag one-of-a-kind and eco-kind, as well.

Cargo pants, khaki trousers, corduroys, denim jeans, and upholstery remnants are used for the main body of the bags to make them especially sturdy.  Tops, dresses, trims, and hand-cut appliques, play out as embellishments, while pockets provide secure interior and/or exterior storage for keys, wallet, and phone.  Belts are often called into action as sturdy straps, to swing the bag over the shoulder or cross body.

At 26″ to 30″ in length, and 22″ circumference, Madhu (the Sanskrit word for honey) Yoga Mat Bags from The Bee are roomy enough to accommodate thick and wide mats plus a towel.

Designed with attention to style and usefulness, the bags are mindfully produced from start to finish by one maker, who receives direct economic empowerment to improve her life by being engaged in social enterprise.  Dedicated to inspiring creative reuse and enlivening traditional home arts, a portion of The Bee’s proceeds is also donated to community benefit organizations chosen by the producers.


IMG_6465 IMG_6570 IMG_6529 IMG_6496

Currently available online in our Etsy shop (FromtheBee).  Stay tuned for listings and locations, including special trunk shows.

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